If you’re asking yourself how to make your hair grow faster, don`t just make wishes before going to bed and hope that you’ll wake up in the morning with a long, healthy hair. There isn’t any luck involved when trying to fix your hair and there are ways not to make use of wigs or hair implants. Even though there aren’t any miracle treatments that will make your hair grow long and strong instantly, there are some ways in which you can enhance your hair growth, as well as a range of conditions that should be avoided if you want your hair to grow faster.
The first and of course the best tip we have for you would be to have a healthy diet. It’s vital to be mindful of what you’re eating when trying to enhance your hair growth. You shouldn’t go on crash diets or do other extreme measures when trying to grow your hair out as an unbalanced diet will in fact make your hair growth slow down and make your hair strands more likely to break. You should do your best to consume plenty of proteins and nutrients, and be sure to take in especially vitamin B and vitamin C. You can in fact add a multi-vitamin to your diet and in fact prenatal vitamins are known to improve the lenght, health, strenght and look of hair. Scroll down to find out the best tips and tricks to have the most amazing hair.

Finding A Good Product to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

You will always find a huge number of hair growth products available on the online and offline market alike, but some will work better than others. Always check if the product is clinically tested when choosing your hair growth product. Also check to be sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients of the product. Tip: Combining a hair-growth stimulating diet with using a hair growth product might grow your hair at an even faster rate. More about a healthy hair diet here.

Why Would someone Want to Make Their Hair Grow Faster ?

There are numerous reasons before a person’s wish to grow his or her hair longer and healthier. Some people don’t like their hairstyle while others have encountered issues while attempting to dye their hair. Another well known reason behind wanting to grow hair longer for some people are some illensses and diseases that either made their hair fall or, indirectly enforced the hair to be cut.  Also, there are people that genetically have a predisposition to have weak hair, that doesn’t grow at a normal pace. And the last reason is that some people simply want to have longer hair and try new hair cuts.

The myths and facts about Hair GrowthMyths and facts about hair growth

Explaining the chemical composition of the hair or the whole structure of a hair strain wouldn’t be of much help, because it most certainly won’t help the someone get a longer hair. Until scientists and researchers will find the miracle pill to grow your hair in a matter of seconds, let’s just focus on some myths and rumors that flood the internet regarding hair growth. More information on hair in general in our what is hair made of article.

My Hair was torn out by the roots – will it grow back?

Of course, but in this particular case it can take longer for your hair to grow back, because a new hair root must grow back first.Even if it is severely damaged, your hair will grow back to it’s natural lenght. ( but you have to take care of your hair and learn how to treat your damaged hair).

Does Hair grow faster after you have it shaved or cut?

The thing that you need to understand about hair is that it grows from the root, from the inside of your scalp to the outside. Therefore, it does not matter how often hair is cut or shaved. Hair below the root is “thicker” and is tapered.  This is why shaving cuts off the hair at the thickest point, which leads to a thicker hair growth look, is often mistaken for quicker hair growth. On the question of “how to grow hair faster”, cutting it more frequently won’t be your desired solution!

Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Is there a possibility to experience hair loss after a pregnancy ? Yes, it is. If you want to learn more about this check out our hair loss after pregnancy page.

Can I regrow my hair after dealing with a disease or taking medication ?

girl-beautiful-long-hair-black-and-whiteYes. If the hair strain was damaged due to the use of drugs (chemo therapy for example) or illness (thyroid, pituitary, etc.), you are most likely dealing with the hair roots being packed. This is something that can be easily fixed, then being able to grow new hair is usually no longer an obstacle. You can find a specialist here to help you deal with this issue.


Are There any Differences between men and women when talking about hair loss and hair growth ?

There isn’t any research that shows a real difference between men and women when it comes to hair growth, but there is a difference when it comes to hair loss. Usually, men experience hair loss because of “male pattern baldness” while Hair loss in women very rarely follows this pattern and is usually caused by hormones and medicine-intake. Read our Evolution of Men’s Hair article to learn about the evolution of hair in men.

Will Dry Hair Have an Impact on My Hair Growth?

Definitely not. Just by having dry hair you will not have problems related to your hair growth, but you showld treat dry hair and take care of your hair health if you have issues with very dry hair.

Is There a Connection Between Hair Growth and Hair Color?

Only when talking about gray hair of old people. Although there are genetic and racial differences when it comes to hair growth, there isn’t any scientific research to certify this. For the brunetes out there, here’s a great article that covers hair tips for brunettes.

If I Have Split Ends Will My Hair Grow Slower ?

No, it will not. There isn’t a known connection between having split ends and Hair growth. Having split ends can a sign of a hair health issue or simply just a bad hair cut. Go to our split ends prevention page for information on the subject.

If I Brush My Hair Will It Get More Beautiful ?

Yes, it will. Brushing your hair helps the blood flow to the scalp, so if we return to the question “How  can you make your hair grow faster?” regular brushing will contribute to a healthy, long and strong hair.

What To Do To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

After talking about how fast your hair grows naturally, we will continue with some tips that will help your hair grow faster healthier.

  • Supplements
    • Make use of food supplements, when you don`t have enough time for your normal meals.. Vitamins A, C, H, and all the B vitamins, as well as keratin (protein), zinc, copper, silica and iron help you have a long, healthy and strong hair.


  • Avoid stresshair-loss-stress-adrenals-thyroid
    • “It’s tearing your hair out.” – The rumor that our hair will fall out from stress is very true, so avoid stress and take as many pauses you need to ensure your relaxation!


  • Moisture Supply for the hair
    • There are some products that can be used in your hair to ensure enough moisture. Also, the use of hair oils ( e.g. Coconut oil) is also recommended.


  • Brushing the hair
    • Brush your hair (before and after every hair wash) to stimulate the blood flow to the scalp and distribute the necessary nutrients to the hair more evenly.


  • Healthy diets
    • A vitamin-rich diet is probably the best way to get a healthy hair because it will stimulate the hair growth. Fruit, vegetables and iron-containing foods should be on your shopping list if you aim for a healthy hair.


The “Do Not” List

We will continue the article with talking about things that can damage your hair. In addition to a poor diet and stress, here are some things that should be avoided if you want to grow your “dream hair.”

  • Bleaching, dyeing, hair extensions and perms
    • A further explanation is unnecessary, as it is well known that all chemicals, used in this realm, attack and cause damage to the hair, so don`t overdo it.


  • Hair ties and clips
    • If hair ties and clips are  worn in the same locations of the hair each and every day, it can cause the hairs to  break in those places!hair growth in UV lights


  • Salt and chlorine water
    • The hair is softened and then becomes dry again, which causes a steady change that is bad for the hair, especially when combined with the sun!
  • UV Light
    • UV rays bleach the hair which is very destructive to the future of your hair and your looks. If you go in the sun extremely often you should protect your hair by wearing a hat, a hoodie or a cap sometimes.


  • Shampoos with silicone
    • This type of shampoos dry out the hair and causes it to break down faster. Blow dryers and flat irons have a similar effect as the silicone shampoos. The hair is almost attacked and becomes unstable when you use these products.


Do Your Best To Minimize Stress

You must have noticed that your hair will fall out when you are stressed out.  Stress will causes a chemical reaction within your body that has a negative impact on your health.  The changes can be seen in your outer look, including your hair.

Do your body and  hair a favor by avoiding stress.  If you can’t avoid it all together, make sure you take enough breaks in which you let your mind fly. Light exercise, yoga, massages and aroma therapy are great ways to lessen the stress and improve your health.  Before trying expensive products, reducing the stress you are facing daily might be enough for you to regain your hair health.

Don’t Ignore Your Medical Problems

If you are eating right and have relatively little stress, but you still encounter hair loss issues, be sure to talk to a doctor.  Certain medication sand conditions can cause hair growth to slow.

When talking to your doctor, tell him about all the medications you are currently taking, including over the counter ones and any vitamins or minerals.  Your doctor will be able to help determine if your hair problems are being caused by something more serious.

Minimize Damage To Your Hair

Long-Hair-Girl-In-NatureAs soon as your hair will start to grow you’ll need to minimize damage caused by styling tools and products.  This means not using the curlers, straighteners, colorings and other hair damaging tools all that often.  After washing your hair, let it air dry and then brush it with a firm hairbrush.  Do all it takes to avoid breaking and damaging your hair.

Tying your hair too tight in a ponytail, or styling it in tight braids can also cause your hair to become weakened.  Avoid any style that puts too much pressure on any portion of your hair.

Miracle cures and dietary supplements for long, healthy hair

There is no “magic bullet” when talking about how to grow your hair faster.There are, however, many ways to enhance your own hair growth and just as many, if not more things that should be avoided to protect your hair.

Hair Health problems and inheritance

Hair loss due to disease and a bad genes inheritance are two completely different topics. Be sure to consult a doctor to find out which of the two are you facing and take your treatments as prescribed by the doctor.

Unhealthy hair

Unhealthy hair often looks ugly. It is dull, dry, has many split ends and it can look very frizzy. Bad nutrition is usually among main causes for unhealthy, bad looking hair. Also, healthy hair is easily recognizable because it is usually thick and not dry. Learn more about getting thicker hair on our how to make your hair thicker page.


Multivitamin treatmentsbeautiful dark hair

Multivitamin pills can be healthy for your hair, but it’s vital that we get the proper nutrients and ingredients out of the food we eat. A lot of people take multivitamin tablets. A vitamin should be in the multivitamin product you take because it does wonders for your skin, and it gives you a healthy scalp. Vitamin A can be found, for instance, in apricots. Try not to eat unhealthy foods or to drink unhealthy beverages that deplete the body of nutrients. Try not to eat a lot of chocolate, as it is a delicious, but often unhealthy sweet.

Water and Omege-3 fats

How many glasses of water is essential for healthy hair?  8 glasses of water a day minimum would be the perfect amount of water to get healthy looking hair. To clean your body’s system, you drink water. Hair consists for 98 percent proteins. Tresses are dead proteins. Once the hair from the head grows out, it dies. So realizing this, it’s easy to conclude that protein should be part of your daily diet. A couple of good sources of healthy proteins are seeds, nuts and fish.

What makes dietary recipes healthy? Vitamins!

  • Vitamin E stimulates the circulation of the scalp, which works wonders for  hair growth.
  • Vitamin C gives your hair energy.
  • Vitamin B6 regulates the production of sebum.
  • Vitamin B5 and B7 help prevent dehydration, reduce hair loss and give body and suppleness to your hair.
  • Vitamin B2 is beneficial for the overall health of your hair.
  • Vitamin A is responsible for the growth of the hair and gives it shine and flexibility.

Some good examples of hair growth recipes you can make:

  • Cocktail Jardin fruit (containing vitamins A, B2 and C)
  • Coupe with avocado and banana (contains vitamin B5 and B7)
  • Aperitif Glass with avocado, salmon and feta (includes vitamin A, B6 and B7)
  • Carrot Soup à l’orange (contains vitamin A and E)

Before we say goodbye, we’ll give you one more recipe, it is a youtube video this time, showing you how to make an all natural, very cheap and very efficient hair oil:

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